Our Scholarship Recipients

Kristoff Hopkins

Kristof is a 9th grader and came to SKHS as a violinist. He quickly shined in class and his enthusiasm and excellent ear made him a good choice to switch to Double Bass, which our group needs to be more balanced. Kristof was enthusiastic about potentially switching and learning a completely different instrument in our group. After an initial orientation to the instrument, it became clear that he would flourish on bass, particularly working with the right private teacher. Thanks to Hand That Rock, he has been studying with Bryan Rizzutto and has already performed with the SKHS Orchestra on bass!In addition to his musical studies, Kristof is a competitive cyclist and mountain biker where he enjoys the physical challenge of competing and being outside. Musically, he really enjoyed performing Rossini’s “Barber of Seville” Overture this past spring with the SKHS orchestra and looks forward to many more musical challenges in the future on his new instrument.

Asia Brown

Asia Brown is in grade 10 and has playing viola for 7 years in our South Kingstown music program. Thanks to the generosity of Hands That Rock, she has begun private lessons with Emily Chen, a respected local violin/viola teacher here in Wakefield. Asia is a kind and friendly young lady who has demonstrated great potential as a violist in our program and she is already become a student leader in her section.Outside of music, Asia is a hammer-thrower on our school track team and enjoys watching movies and reading. She especially likes music for film and shows great enthusiasm for this genre when we get to play it in orchestra. One of her favorite music moments thus far has been learning to play the hymn “Nearer My God to Thee” in grade 4 and playing it as a solo at a concert. She also loved our recent Pops and Winter Concerts!