Massage Therapist to Rockstars
November 14, 2014

Massage Therapist to Rockstars

With a degree in psychology and over 15 years experience in the medical field, Silvana Marroche felt the need to make a positive difference in the health of people complete by pursuing a registered nursing degree. It wasn’t until her mother went into the hospital for breast cancer that Silvana decided making a positive difference in healthcare as an RN nurse was not for her. The medicating of patients to keep them from feeling pain and in a state-of-mind that is incoherent was not the answer.

Her mother passed away from cancer in the hospital after 4 months of grueling pain and being drugged by propofol and morphine, along with being subjected to other kinds of medical care that should be outlawed. Silvana explains It was then that I decided to go into the healing  art of massage therapy. I fell in love with the  art of healing through massage from the first day  in class. I knew this was the chosen path for me. Read More


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