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wo W.O. Smith Community Music School
W.O. Smith Music School makes affordable, quality music instruction available to children from low-income families. We transform lives through music.
Illinois Central High School Booster Club The Ghost Boosters
The Ghost Boosters are a volunteer club dedicated to promoting IVC athletics. We are committed to supporting every student athlete, coach, and athletic department both physically and financially.
Little Kids Rock
When it comes to making sure every kid gets a first-rate education, music matters. Little Kids Rock believes that learning to play a musical instrument can be a transformative experience in students’ lives, with the power to inspire the creativity and confidence that are critical to success in school and in life.That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to restoring and revitalizing music education in U.S. public schools. We bring free music instruction and instruments to under-served schools across the country.
terrapinfound2-210 Terrapin Foundation
The Terrapin Foundation, Inc. is a grassroots, Connecticut based, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. The Foundation is dedicated to stimulating financial and inspirational support to encourage the Arts, enrich our communities, and preserve natural resources. In its efforts to achieve these goals, The Foundation raises funds through donations and the production of cultural, artistic and musical events. The Terrapin Foundation believes that through the Arts we can nurture the communities in which we live and thus change the world one community at a time..
sdlatinofest Media Arts Center, San Diego
The Media Arts Center promotes access to film and video as tools for community self-expression and social change and supports the professional development of media artists.
Newport Festivals Foundation Newport Festivals Foundation
Our mission is to maintain the famed Newport Jazz Festival® and the Newport Folk Festival® in perpetuity, to be presented at historic locations, including Fort Adams State Park and other facilities in Newport, RI.
Acoustic Sound
Acoustic Sound is a non-profit organization committed to making sure good music is a part of your world. Acoustic Sound is committed to preserving and promoting traditional acoustic American music through presentation and education, with special attention given to the bluegrass music community. We also are dedicated to maintaining reasonable prices for our events in order to keep Bluegrass accessible.
realmofcaring Realm of Caring
Music education should be an inalienable right. The day music programs became expendable was a very sad day indeed. There are seven ways to communicate information; words and numbers are only two of them. The other five are movement, sounds, images, objects, and spaces, all of which are provided through the arts. Few would argue that elementary music education isn’t a worthwhile cause. Support was needed to further the cause and what better way to facilitate this effort than music and art festivals all over the country to create awareness.
realmofcaring Americana Music Association
The Americana Music Association is a professional trade organization whose mission is to advocate for the authentic voice of American Roots Music around the world.
Blues in the Schools
Blues in the Schools is an educational program created to promote, preserve, and perpetuate the art, culture, and heritage of blues music, and to examine the music’s influence on other genres.
Blue Ocean Film Festival
Blue Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summit’s mission is to use the power of film, photography, entertainment and science to educate, empower and inspire ocean stewardship around the globe.
ACM ACM Lifting Lives
ACM Lifting Lives is the philanthropic arm of the Academy of Country Music dedicated to improving lives through the power of music.
The Courthouse Center for the Arts
The Courthouse Center for the Arts offers free theater classes for children from age 5-21 and of all abilities and learning levels. This program works toward increasing cognitive learning skills, voice and speaking abilities, lessen anxiety, social skills building, other positive reinforcement, as well as introducing students to the basic building blocks of performance for the stage. Through an exploration of the tools of the child, their voice, body, and emotion, we not only create stage presence and awareness, yet encourage individual expression.