Environmental Protection & Conservation

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Charleston Waterkeeper
Charleston Waterkeeper’s mission is to protect, promote, and restore the quality of Charleston’s waterways while ensuring the public’s right to swimmable, drinkable, fishable water.


Foundation for a Green Future Foundation for a Green Future
The Foundation for a Green Future, Inc. is dedicated to ensuring a green future for our planet. We teach, support and model sustainable ways to live for ourselves and our children.


Towards Freedom
Towards Freedom’s purpose is to provide people with education and inspiration to live with compassion in all areas of their lives. Towards Freedom produces the WorldFest festivals which help people learn what they can do for the Earth and its inhabitants.


The Forecastle Foundation
The Forecastle Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 corporation, founded by Capt. JK McKnight. Merging education and conservation, its mission is both local and global:

1. Educate on global environmental issues and how individuals can reduce their carbon footprint to preserve the world’s most threatened, biodiversity hot spots.

2. Protect the world’s most threatened, biodiversity hot spots, so that the land, species, and benefits remain for future generations.


Blue Ocean Film Festival
Blue Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summit’s mission is to use the power of film, photography, entertainment and science to educate, empower and inspire ocean stewardship around the globe.