Educational Programs

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janedoe Jane Doe No More, Inc
Jane Doe No More is improving the way society responds to survivors of sexual assault through education, awareness, advocacy, and support.
realmofcaring Realm of Caring
Music education should be an inalienable right. The day music programs became expendable was a very sad day indeed. There are seven ways to communicate information; words and numbers are only two of them. The other five are movement, sounds, images, objects, and spaces, all of which are provided through the arts. Few would argue that elementary music education isn’t a worthwhile cause. Support was needed to further the cause and what better way to facilitate this effort than music and art festivals all over the country to create awareness.
Bumi Sehat Bumi Sehat Foundation
Based in Bali Indoneisa, Bumi Sehat means “healthy mother earth”, and is a women’s clinic operating solely on donations. They support local women by providing health and emergency care services, as well as community, environmental and educational programs. Bumi Sehat expanded to Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake by opening a mother and child survival clinic in Jacmel, Haiti.
Blues in the Schools
Blues in the Schools is an educational program created to promote, preserve, and perpetuate the art, culture, and heritage of blues music, and to examine the music’s influence on other genres.
Blue Ocean Film Festival
Blue Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summit’s mission is to use the power of film, photography, entertainment and science to educate, empower and inspire ocean stewardship around the globe.